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".. a sound that is intricate and skillfully crafted" (No Depression)


"Showcases his richly varied blues compositions" (AXS)


"Packed with soul, the icon is back with 'Nu' He can croon, he can knock out a power ballad. He can wail on guitar." (Scallywag Magazine)


"By far the heart of the album is Grant Lyle’s soulful approach to the guitar. With an incredible range from the atmospheric to the straight-up pure blues influenced rock n’ roll Grant Lyle seemingly does it and all does it well." (Beach Sloth)


"..a perfect first glimpse into the musical world of this buzzworthy artist. Being a fan of both Blues and Rock alike,  I found the record luring me in from the very first note." (Modern Mystery)


"Grant Lyle is a brilliant artist who should be on your radar now" (Paste Monthly)


"His style and presentation includes the evergreen sounds of traditional blues while all the while lending an air of genius to the canvas with a blend of genres like country, R&B and southern rock." (Nashville Music Guide)


"There are no surprises here, and for the opening sexy note, to the closing sultry one, this album doesn't forget who and what it is at any moment" (Pop Bucket)


"His pure and fluid guitar lines grace the 12 tracks of Nu, as well as his expressive exclamatory vocals." (Indie Music Review)


"Stellar guitarist" (Short and Sweet NYC)


"In the Canadian City of Toronto, a magical moment in the music industry is happening. I have been swept to every kind of emotional response possible to a human being. Grant Lyle has released his long awaited album called "So There". (Shashona McCall, Indie Showcase)


"His album So There showcases his talent as a guitarist and vocalist." (popBucket)


"Lyle's music will surely inspire your soul. It's full of feeling, sometimes uplifting, sometimes deep, but always smooth…. Singer, songwriter and guitarist- he does all three with ease." (Yahoo Voices)


"There’s Joe Cocker meets the Black Keys tucked into a gentle soul. Lyle feels like one of the missing Allman Brothers." (Scallywag)


"Like Hendrix and many guitarists before him, his real voice is in the wail, the grunt, bend, and convexity of his guitar phrasing." (Michigan Chronicle)


"His brand new full length album “So There" is a clear tribute to Grant’s influences, but at the same time, it stands as a full proof of his very own personality and musicianship, expressed through a stunning collection of tunes that know how to sound classic and modern at the same time. "So there" is only the tip of the iceberg: this record is only one piece of the rich discography that helped Grant build a solid reputation throughout his career, moving fans and critics with his talent live and from the studio." (more more sound)


"Grant Lyle’ speaks guitar. You can hear the guitar talking in ‘Trouble Blues.’ Listen hard enough and you can hear what it is saying. It’s in the heart." (The Levity Ball)


"Have I mentioned the suh-weet guitar tones yet? Oh that baby sings!" (MTM Middle Tennessee Music)


"The Perfect Fusion of The Original Blues And Soul-Rock Sound." (Jam Sphere)


"Grant Lyle is a force to be reckoned with on Canada's live rock/blues music scene." (I Am Entertainment)


"Highly recommended!" (The 8th Circuit Network)


"You really have to hear the voice on this man." (Mondo Cult)


"As a long time appreciator of the blues genre, from Robert Johnson and the Delta era up 'til current purveyors like Gary Clark Jr., I was glad I dedicated a few quality hours to Canadian Grant Lyle." (Music Emissions)


"…a bona fide trip back into the days when solid rock tunes ruled the airwaves and blues guitar vibratos resonated in everyone’s mind." (Daily Trojan)


"So There showcases the best of Lyle – flawless musicianship, adeptness in song writing, and a slick production that manages to modernize all of the conventional blues elements that Lyle plays with. The result is an album that is both contemporarily catchy and respectfully traditional at the same time." (The Rock and Roll Report)


"Perhaps it's the country air in Utopia, ON pictured on the sleeve, but the electric blues guitarist that I'm familiar with has turned in a solid acoustic blues CD… a musical treat from end to end." (John Valenteyn, The Toronto Blues Society)


"This young singer/guitarist/songwriter out of Toronto, Canada, has been causing something of a stir and the music on this CD shows why… Grant Lyle is an artist with a highly individual approach and style." (Norman Darwen, Blues In Britain Magazine)


"…a great voice… I highly recommend this album." (Duncan Egleton, Chelmsford Rocks U.K.)


"Canadian blues has finally arrived… This great little band led by Grant Lyle rocks… This guy's blues heart is beating." (Taxim Records, Germany)


"...one of the hot newcomers on the Canadian blues scene." (National Post)


"...one of the very best guitarists that this area has ever produced." (Lou Moore, Singer/Songwriter)


"Lyle is one to watch in the future. Worth a listen." (Scene Magazine)


"A good singer and songwriter who has obviously considered what it takes to distinguish his contribution from those of the legions of blues artists across North America." (Muzik etc Magazine)


"...a little bit of Tequila mixed in with some stinging Rockabilly. And before you know it, you're a kid again…. an exciting, adventurous, and stimulating second CD." (Gary Tate, T.O. Nite Magazine)


"Grant's bone-rattling guitar playing is showcased throughout… burning southern rock… it leaves you begging for more." (Tim Holek, Blues On Stage)


"…boogie shuffle that might have come out of the old Sun Records studios… sure to get the audience jiving on the dance floor." (Bob Mackenzie, Sound Bytes)


"This disc packs a wallop, coming out of nowhere to reveal a serious musician. A solid effort." (Eric Thom, Exclaim!)


"...a classic blues album done in a tasteful and enjoyable way. Great guitar, an understated yet solid rhythm section, and just plain cool songs make this album a great pick for any blues fan." (Adam Walhout, Bluestime Productions)


"...tremendous slide playing… helped by the fact he doesn't over indulge." (Dave Thomas, Blues On Stage)


"With bassist Scott Brammer and drummer Steve Woods, Lyle plays in a fluid, no-nonsense guitar style that has restored my faith in the trio form." (John Valenteyn. The Toronto Blues Society)







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