Sit a spell. Enjoy some tunes.

"I wrote this piece rather quickly towards the end of the sessions that produced So There. My process of recording was starting to become a bit more stream-lined by this time. The song came out rather effortlessly which allowed me some room to experiment with the arrangement. The instrumental coda was improvised at the last moment as I had intended to end the song with the final chorus. The sustained note was a result of me dropping my pick mid-solo. I was able to recover it just in time to carry on."

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"This piece was meant to be a light and perhaps humorous take on the typical "relationship song". Instead of boasting of his prowess, the narrator finds himself lacking in all practical skills that may be desirable to his mate. Except that is, his ability to love. I may have gotten the idea from Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World" which mines the same subject matter. This was one of the "small" tracks I recorded; two guitars, bass, drums and a smattering of electric piano.."

Take It Back


"This was the first of four collaborations recorded for "Nu". This slow R&B flavoured song features the standard two guitar, bass and drum arrangement augmented by organ, electric piano, and synth. The biggest challenge was creating the conversation between the lead guitar and the "strings". This was unduly complicated by the fact that the keyboard I was using was behaving erratically and I needed to constantly redo takes. Just when I thought I had a keeper it was snatched away. The keyboard has since been mended but that won't erase my memories of the ghosts in the machine.."

Evening Song


"I was fortunate to be able to feature my cousin Dave Koz on saxophone with this song. I had written a sketch of a kind of minor key blues that then shifts into a brighter refrain. And there it stood until I asked Dave if he would like to add his stamp to it. His contribution took the track to a new place; one that needed little else to see it to completion. It's a simple piece of music held together by the joy of two people working for the common good. Love you Cuz!"





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